About Us

Established in 2018, the society’s primary objective was to raise the level of scale modelling to the highest possible standard and to change public perception from that of a hobby for dilettantes to that of an appreciated art-form. This objective was reached and surpassed through the years as attested by public attendance at the Society’s events which have taken place every year since its inception and continue to this day.

The main event of the Society is that of its Annual Competition. In recent years the Gibraltar Scale Model Society competition has taken place at the Gustavo Bacarisa Art Gallery situated at grand Casemates square and the Gibraltar Exhibition of Modern Art, located at Montagu Bastion, Line Wall Road. This year the Competition is held at Central Hall, South Barracks. We try to improve the location of the event each year by making it a bigger, more developed affair.

The Gibraltar Scale Model Society (IPMS Gibraltar) is an affiliated member of the International Plastic Model Society, and Branch Members of The Armor Modeling and Preservation Society and The Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicle Association.

Our doors are always open for new members and visitors so if you like to build models, interested in trying it for the first time or a modeller visiting our island, do not hesitate to contact us and meet the members.

By Roy Perez, President


Society President - Roy Perez

As current President of the Gibraltar Scale Model Society, I would like to send out an invitation to all model builders of any skill level.
The Society was first established in 2018, when a small group of modelers met to share our passion in model making and showcasing our artistic ability.
Having founded the Society we progressed in organizing small local competitions, which over the years have grown and are now held as an international event and, each year, we receive even more interest.
We will soon be opening the doors to our long awaited club house where we intend to share information about our great hobby. Our door will be open to all members and members to be, to be able to come and enjoy our displays, the workshops and the exchange of ideas about our hobby.
Come out to a meeting and bring your models and an open mind about the hobby. We want to share information with each other. Contact us through this site and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We enjoy what we do and get together just to enjoy the hobby and each other’s work. We only ask that you come and also enjoy it with us.

I am Jaydan Celecia and I am currently the Vice president of the Gibraltar Scale model Society. I began scale modeling. as far as I can remember, as young as the age of 7 and ever since I enjoyed the hobby. My first scale model was an apache helicopter I did with my father and then I progressed to bigger models.


I mostly enjoy making dioramas and using recycled materials to recreate a historic scene.

I have found that scale modeling is a hobby that distresses and brings out creativity in modelers.


Our society grows ever bigger, thanks due to our members and of course the committee with their participation and enthusiasm

Society Vice-President – Jaydan Celecia

Society Secretary - Mark Isola

I'm 45 and have been painting and learning techniques since the age of 12. Even though I have experience I learn something new every day from my colleagues. I am not going to take this knowledge of techniques to my grave, whenever that may be 🤓, so if you want to try and do 'something out of the box' just find me, I'm the one in the wheelchair 🦼 
     so you can't miss me lol . I am always in a state of being 'perpetually' busy so if you           wait for me to be less busy you will be waiting forever. Approach me at any time and it       will be a welcome pause to help a fellow modeller. Use my knowledge as I'm not                 taking it with me!


Got introduced to model making by the age of 7 by my father after having had a motor vehicle collision and I remember him bringing out this box of a 1:48 Skyhawk. I was soon hooked on models where I watch my dad build, paint and decal the models I started collecting and then moving on to decaling the models for him, then got into the painting and finally doing the whole piece by myself. Continued model making until the age of 16 when I started going out with my friends and being outdoors more than indoors. The years passed and as I got older with moving houses I had to get rid of around three hundred models because they were getting damaged or spoilt. After finding myself bored at home and suffering from pericarditis (inflammation of the lining of the heart),I was required to rest at home for a month at the same time that the model of HMS Illustrious came out and that’s when it all started again.

In 2018 I saw a poster on Gibraltar Scale Model Society and I saw here an opportunity for other people to view my work so I got in contact with the group without realising that it was the first year of the society was established and thus becoming a member of their committee. Not only have I met up with old friends but the way I approach the build has changed, having learnt and improved the way in which I build my model now and still learning more technics as time moves on.

Society Vice-Secretary - Roy Collado

Society Treasurer - Marco Marquez

When I was approximately 17 years old I began collecting diecast formula 1 cars as I have always been a great fan of formula 1. Since then I have a collection up to now of approximately 800 cars including not only Formula1 diecast cars but also tourism cars, fire trucks, etc.
I later on started with the Formula 1 model kit cars scale 1/20 and making other models going through military vehicles, boats, airplanes etc.
Since I formed part of the Gibraltar Scale Model Society, I have a greater passion now for the modelism since now I am competing and learning new techniques.

Started modeling at a very ripe age of 10, as games consoles were something out of sci fi movies back in the 70s. Modeling came and went over the years, with 1/6 scale figures taking a major chunk out of nearly 2 decades in my hobby life. Then, a mere three years ago I teamed up with 4 other fellow modellers whom felt disillusioned and let down by our previous hobby club… and voilà our most excellent club was born. My main interests are mainly military… whether ww1, ww2, Vietnam or modern conflicts, if it tickles my taste buds I'll dig my teeth into it. As my fellow colleagues say, every day is a school day in this awesome hobby of ours.

Society Vice - Treasurer - Ian Bramble